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June 25, 2018

Dear Dance Shoppe:

Yesterday, my daughter had the birthday party of her 5 year old life at your studio! An amazing time was had by all and I am told it is the talk of her kindergarten class this morning :)

Your birthday parties are fantastic - thank you for providing such a wonderful venue with great entertainment!


Thank you for a great party and a fantastic experience!


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"Ariana loved the acro intensive! Thank you for welcoming us in to your studio family!  We will definitely be returning!"



"I heard amazing reviews from Ava thus far. Unfortunately I haven't been able to watch much myself, but she said that her favourite classes are the circus classes and conditioning. She is really enjoying herself and is looking forward to the next session in August. We have been talking to the other Small Fry moms about how great the acro intensive is and I think we have convinced more to sign up for August!"




"Hailey loved the challenge and learning new tricks and strengthening exercises. She wished it was a full day class because she enjoyed every minute she spent in the classes. Circus was her favourite class because of the tricks, props and circus like exercises."




"My girls loved the acro intensive!!!! They keep asking when they get to do the classes again. My little one came home exhausted and hungry at the end of each day."



"Hello!! Thank you SOOOO much for letting me know about this weekend!! All the kids and the parents are over the top excited about their weekend and had the best time. The first thing Taylor asked as soon as we got in the car was if she would be allowed to do it again next year! The studio is amazing and the teachers you guys brought in were outstanding. The kids walked away this weekend having gained so much! So THANK YOU!!"


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