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Terms of Service

In participating in our programs you agree to the following Terms of Service, Release, Payment Options, Cancellation Policy, and Notes.

Classes subject to change. Must have a minimum of 5 dancers per class.

You can now register on-line!

To register on-line for our programs you will need to first create an account with us, if you haven't done so already. As of March 1, 2014 we have an improved method for registering and paying and managing your account, students, enrollments, and orders.

Please note:

Age Requirements: The cut off date for age requirements is December 31st - same as school. Enroll your dancers in their appropriate age group - dancers not enrolled in the appropriate age group will be withdrawn and will need to register again.

Wait Lists: If you find that a class is presently full, please put your child's name on the wait list by clicking the 'Wait List' link to the right of a class you want. We use the wait lists to determine which classes we will need to open more of. We will attempt to accommodate everyone's needs as to dance style, ages and times. :)

For more info on the classes see our Programs Offered


In part consideration of permitting my child (self) to participate in the activities of The Dance Shoppe Ltd., I agree to insure my child (self) against any injury or loss resulting from the activities and of travelling to and from theses activities. I agree to indemnify and save harmless The Dance Shoppe Ltd. and its employees, agents and volunteers from all losses, damages, claims and demands occasioned thereby. I authorize The Dance Shoppe Ltd. and its employees, agents and volunteers to provide all medical care, which they deem necessary for my child (self) in the event of injury. In Accordance with Ontario's Freedom of Privacy and Information Act, I hereby grant The Dance Shoppe Ltd. permission to videotape my child at the year-end recital and participate in the studio photographs which may be used for promotional purposes. The Dance Shoppe Ltd. will not be responsible for any theft, damage, or injuries during classes or on the location premises.


The more programs you order the more you save! Your current order plus all your orders for the current year are used to calculate how much you save. Adult, Competitive, and Summer Programs are not included in the calculations and are not discounted. Your savings accumulate so your next order will show the additional savings and ordering all at once will save the most as all recreational programs on the order receives the full discount:

  • With 3 programs save 10%
  • With 4 programs save 15%
  • With 5 or more programs save 20%

Summer Programs

On-line registration begins March 1st each year. Your cancellation request must be received in writing 30 days prior to your camp date in order to be eligible for any refund, as determined by The Dance Shoppe Management.

Payments: Summer Program Fees to be paid in full as of registration date.

Programs (all except Summer Programs)

On-line registration begins May 1st each year. Your space in a class is reserved for you, (the dancer) for the year.

Payments - we offer the following 3 options:

Pay in full: Tuition Fee to be paid in full as of registration date.

2 installments - Now and Feb: Tuition Fee to be paid in two (2) installments, half is taken at registration and the balance is automatically charged to your credit card on February 2nd.

10 installments - Monthly: Tuition Fee to be paid in ten (10) equal installments, the first with the administration fee is taken at registration. Your monthly installments are automatically charged to your credit card on the 1st of each subsequent month starting October 1st. There is a $20.00 administration fee per order to be paid with this option.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelling within 30 days of registration or within your first 30 days of classes: Within 30 days after your registration date and or first 30 days of classes,  a refund of the tuition balance only will be made. A refund will be issued for the amount not yet paid, and or installments discontinued, less a 3% administrative fee. Your cancellation request must be received in writing within 30 days of your first class.
Cancelling after your first 30 days of classes: There will be no refund and the installments will continue until June 1st.  Your space in a class is reserved for you, (the dancer) for the year.  

Cancelling by TDS: Should the need arise for the studio to ask a parent to withdraw a dancer; a refund of the tuition balance only will be made and future installments will be discontinued, less a 3% administrative fee.

Birthday Parties: No refunds.

Year End Recital & Costumes

The recital is optional for recreational dancers: Before making your deposits and committing to the recitals in June you must read all the information provided on our Recital News page - beginning December 1st each year this page is updated with important dates and details including the Recital Handbook, Shoes and Tights, Picture Day and Dress Rehearsal Schedules, Who's In Which Show, Box Office and Ticket Sales.

Costume deposit due on or before January 21st to perform in recitals: Before the deadline posted you must either pay your costume deposit or OPT OUT of recitals for each program using the links provided on your Account Details page. In paying your costume deposit you are committing to pay the full price of the costume and agreeing to the information as provided in the Recital Handbook.


Dance Quotes

To live is to dance,
to dance is to live.


Office Hours

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Classes run from the second week of September to the second weekend in June

Contact Information

The Dance Shoppe Ltd.
725 Main Street East
Milton, Ontario L9T 3Z3
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