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TDS Intensive Weekend!

TDS Intensive Weekend! August 12-13th
TDS Intensive Weekend
- Click on the link to view a video of the weekend!

The Purple Thunder Competitive Dance team is an Award Winning team that competes on the National and International dance scene. We are proud to have two levels of competitive dance programs. Full Time competitors are dancers who wish to train at a higher level of commitment. They will need to participate in the mandatory classes. Dancers will train a minimum of six or more hours per week. Ballet classes are mandatory along with technique classes. Dancers try out for this program at the TDS Full Time Tryout.

What an amazing weekend we had here at TDS! So much talent, passion, love, hard work and smiles!!!

What an amazing faculty we were able to have during our weekend. Our faculty included, Victoria Seguin, Shawn Byfield, Caroline Torti, Rebecca Zizek, Michelle Galati, Gerard McIsaac, Juliana Kelly, Tiffany McLachlan, Jamie Hodgins and Jacques Monfiston. We can't thank you enough for bringing your talent and love of dance to our students.

Our dance journey never stops, we are all on this beautiful ride to become a stronger version of us. We are so proud of you all! We can't wait to see what this season has in store!


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to dance is to live.


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Classes run from the second week of September to the second weekend in June

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